Unveiling the Top 10 FAQs: Insights from Our Customer Success Team

15 May

Question 1. (Grower) How do I access and view my warehoused grain?

Getting visibility over your warehoused grain is simple. You can view commodity, primary grade, season, location and quantity via the inventory tab in your free AgriDigital account. For more information, and a step by step guide click here.

Question 2. (Grower) How do I get a copy of my RCTI?

Ah, the ever-important RCTI! If you've received a notification about it, you're just a few clicks away from accessing it. Simply log in to your free AgriDigital account, and voila! You'll find all your RCTIs neatly organised for your NGR account like this. If you haven’t ever logged into AgriDigital, you’ll need to activate your free account here

Question 3. (Grower) Can I get an SMS notification instead of an email when I deliver grain to an AgriDigital site?

You sure can! We understand that staying updated in real-time is crucial for your grain deliveries. To activate our nifty SMS notification service, all you need to do is activate your AgriDigital account. You do this by logging in once. Once you're in, you'll start receiving those handy SMS messages for deliveries. It’s important to note, only the primary contact on your NGR will receive notifications from AgriDigital Platform. Want to learn more? Click here for all the details.

Question 4. (Grower) How do I change my email address or phone number on my AgriDigital account?

Updating your contact information is a breeze! As a grower, you have the power to directly manage your details via your NGR account. AgriDigital seamlessly syncs with your NGR account, ensuring automatic updates every evening. So, keep those details up to date and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Question 5. How can I customise what I see on the list screens?

Here at AgriDigital, we believe in giving you more control. That's why we've made it super easy for you to create a customised view on your list screens. Whether it's for your personal use or to share with your team, you can tailor your list screens to display specific data points. Want to unlock your full potential? Check out our guide on how to create, view, and modify list screen presets.

Question 6. How do I know if there is a platform outage?

We understand the importance of keeping you informed. If AgriDigital ever experiences an offline moment, our handy Status Monitor is here to save the day. It provides real-time updates on our services and uptimes, capturing any scheduled or unplanned incidents. Stay in the know by visiting the AgriDigital Status Monitor.

Question 7. How can I learn more about the modules in AgriDigital and how to use them?

Knowledge is power, and we've got a wealth of it waiting for you! Dive into our extensive Knowledge Base filled with helpful articles and videos, designed to guide you through a range of topics. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, our Knowledge Base is your go-to resource for unlocking the full potential of AgriDigital. Start exploring today!

Question 8. What Commodities and Grades does AgriDigital have?

Curious about the Commodities and Grades supported by AgriDigital? We've got you covered with a comprehensive list. Simply click here to see all the current options. If you can't find what you're looking for or have a suggestion for a new addition, drop us an email. We're always eager to enhance our offerings based on your needs.

Question 9. (Buyer) How do I remove access for a team member who has left my organisation?

When it comes to removing access for a team member who has left your organisation, you have the power to make the required access updates. If you have a team member with 'Administrator' level access, they can edit or remove any team members as needed. Simply refer to our handy guide here for step-by-step instructions on how to manage team member access. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, our guide has got you covered.

Question 10. (Buyer) How do I add a new Grade to AgriDigital?

Looking to add a new Grade to AgriDigital? We're all ears! To request a new grade to be added to our platform, simply contact us on +61 2 8294 7966 or email. We will be more than happy to assist you throughout the process and ensure your needs are met. To review our current commodities and grades, or request an update visit this page. 

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