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10 Mar

Weathering the Storm: A Recap of the 22/23 Harvest Season

Delayed harvest in Australia due to wet weather caused logistical challenges, but those who harvested received high prices and good quality crops. Record yields in some regions, and strong domestic prices in January.
Business Resources
27 Feb

Grants for Growth: Why You Should Consider Applying for Australian Government Grants

Discover the benefits of Australian Government grants for forward-thinking grain supply chain participants.
5 Dec

November AgriDigital Network Harvest Update

Harvest insights from Australia's largest independent grain management platform.
Customer Stories
1 Jan

Fletcher International Exports

Since 2017, Fletcher International Exports have used AgriDigital to handle contracts, deliveries, invoices, cash prices, and payments on a daily basis.
Customer Stories
1 Jan

Tremlett Storage

We are on a mission to give you the visibility you need to get more value from your grain. We do this by enabling you with better record keeping that is secure and

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