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5 Mar

AgriDigital Data Sharing Ethos

AgriDigital champions open data standards and free flow of quality data across agriculture. We progress frameworks for seamless data sharing and interoperability through inclusive collaboration. Our goal is an ecosystem where participants openly exchange data as a common good to drive innovation.
7 Dec

Lucy Cornish on Refining the Grain Value Chain at AgriDigital

In this bonus episode of Harvestable, join Emma Weston as she engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Lucy Cornish, Chief Operating Officer at AgriDigital.
30 Nov

Bridie Ohlsson at Geora: Advancing Green Finance in Farming

Join us in this fascinating Harvestable episode where Ben Reid, co-founder of AgriDigital, welcomes Bridie Ohlsson, CEO and co-founder of Geora.
23 Nov

Andrew Tighe of Boolah Farms & Pure Grain: Data Dynamics in Agribusiness

In the latest epsiode of Harvestable, guest host Jins Kadwood, AgriDigital's Chief Technology and Data Officer, sits down with Andrew Tighe, CFO of Boolah Farms and Pure Grain.
21 Nov

Anna Falkiner of Cropify: Smart Classification for Objective Testing of Pulse & Grain Crops

In the latest episode of Harvestable, AgriDigital co-founder Ben Reid is joined by Anna Falkiner, CEO and Co-Founder of Cropify.
19 Nov

Joel Robbie of Trace on the Carbon Footprint Equation: From Numbers to Nature

Join AgriDigital's Emma Weston as she engages with Joel Robbie, Head of Sales and Growth at Trace, in the latest episode of Harvestable.

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