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Domang farm, Crooble, NSW, Australia
Wheat harvest ‘22

You’ve always known us for building the software that makes grain management easy, and now you can connect your inventory with AgriDigital Finance.

100mt - H2 - Dubbo (Fletcher)
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156.89mt – BAR1 – Dubbo (Fletcher)
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80mt – BAR2  – Boort (Boort Co-op)
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Your inventory is what matters

Unlock the value of your inventory, regardless of your business size or funding needs.

Finance Available
80% of 250mt x $350.00
Donald UCM

Flexible funding funding to suit you

Simply request finance for inventory parcels located at approved storage providers and access up to 80% of the market value. Receive funds within one day and pay it back in your own time.


Today's trade, made possible by tomorrow finance

Collateralize your grain inventory to generate cash flow for your business when you need it most.

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Wheat belt, WA, Australia
Fields of gold

Designed to work the way you do, it’s fast and flexible asset backed finance to support your business goals.

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Frequently asked questions

We're here to help
How do I get access to AgriDigital Finance?

No financials or long drawn out application process required. All you need is a signed copy of our AgriDigital Finance customer agreement, a light KYC process and you are ready to access our same-day finance. Contact us today for a copy of the customer agreement.

How quickly can I access AgriDigital Finance?

Once our AgriDigital Finance customer agreement is signed you are able to access same day finance, as long as the inventory has been transferred to us.

What commodities are eligible for AgriDigital Finance?

We can finance wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, cottonseed, cotton, oats, chickpeas, faba beans, fertilizer and wool. Don't see a commodity you want financed? Reach out and let's have a chat.

What sites are eligible for AgriDigital Finance?

Sites eligible for finance include all major bulk handlers, plus a number of private sites across the AgriDigital Store network. Bulk handlers include; CBH, Emerald, Graincorp, GrainFlow (Cargill) and Viterra. Private Sites include; Boort Grain Co-Op, Boolah Farms, Carpendale Agri, G.J & J.A Sheel, Hehirs Storage, McNaught’s Storage, Universal Commodity Management and XLD. Do you own a site and would like to provide Finance at? Get in touch today.

When will a margin be issued?

A margin call will be issued when your aggregated position falls below 115% (asset to liability ratio), and will be required to be sufficient to restore the position to greater than the required position level of 120%.

Can you provide on-farm funding?

AgriDigital Finance is coming soon for on-farm storage. Express your interest via our contact form here.

Still have a question

Simply contact our team if you need extra help.