Scheimer Farms

By Katrina Stanislaw
25 Oct
Colorado, USA
Scott Scheimer

Scheimer Farms - A hub for forward thinking

“We needed something from harvest into storage and contracts. AgriDigital Onfarm met that need.” - Scott Scheimer.

Scheimer Farms is a large farming operation in eastern Colorado. They grow wheat, corn, millet, sorghum, and soybeans and are led by Scott Scheimer. Scott is the forward thinking farmer.

Scott strongly believes that good data can bring more value to the farmer. He puts this belief to the test with his own agtech platform, Simple Farms LLC, where he is founder and CEO. Simple Farms is a stand alone platform that uses data from field inputs to precisely calculate margins and break even points at harvest.

From harvest on, Scheimer Farms uses AgriDigital Onfarm to track and manage every load of harvested grain through to point of sale, ensuring that none of that calculated value is lost.

Scott shared with us, “With so many silos and separate elevators we work with, we needed to be able to track where all of our grain has gone. AgriDigital Onfarm allows us to put it all together on our contracts.”  

While the efficiency and easy decision making these technologies can offer has obvious value for Scott’s operation today, he anticipates that having clear data points all across his farm will exponentially increase the value of his harvest in the markets of the near future. When the demand for data and traceable identity preserved grains matures, Scott will be well prepared with an operation ready to perform at peak efficiency.

Katrina Stanislaw
Head of Business Development & Partnerships