Our Purpose

Our ambitious team of forward thinking farmers, dynamic coders, data gurus, finance innovators and creatives are here to level the field, helping rural communities grow stronger by growing the value of grain.
AgriDigital colleagues collaborating in their Sydney office on how to digitize grain management for farmers, site operators, traders and brokers.
Team comradery
South West, VIC, Australia

Our Values

How we show up to deliver on our purpose


Tune in

You have to get close to people to understand them, so we tune in. We actively listen to know the challenges our customers face, locally, and globally. That’s how together we’ll be able to continue working towards solving them, taking on big real problems for mutual success.

Hold true

We stay true to what we believe in, and the promise at the heart of our brand - to do our best to level the field. So, we speak up, respectfully, challenge convention, and represent our customers fairly. We’re all on a journey together, hold true, and we’ll make sure the destination is somewhere worth aiming for.

Inspire confidence

We’re an open book. Honest and up-front, we communicate clearly, making the complex simple to connect and empower others. We find common ground, expressing fresh ideas, in a practical, relatable way, we inspire confidence, and spark action.

Champion connection

Let’s dream and achieve together. Ambassadors for fairness and multiple perspectives, we see things from every angle, recognising the importance of our efforts and working with diverse communities to create integrated solutions.

Farmers sitting on a gate at sunset in grain growing New South Wales
AgriDigital founders Emma Weston, Bob McKay and Ben Reid looking over a commodity storage site using their software in Australia.
Domang farm, Crooble, NSW, Australia
Founded in 2015

Founders Story

Having all worked together at Australian grain broking and marketing pioneer Agfarm,
Emma Weston, Ben Reid and Bob McKay were looking to solve a bigger problem.

Experiencing first hand the inefficiencies in the agricultural supply chain, they set out to build a better way; powered by technology. With 90% of the global grain trade controlled by four companies, they knew the problem they were solving was going to require unwavering conviction from a dedicated team who were committed to leveling the field. 

Now seven years in, that team is global and consists of farmers, dynamic coders, finance innovators and creatives, building the digital and capital infrastructure agriculture businesses depend on.

AgriDigital CoFounder and CEO Emma Weston leading the mission at AgriDigital, to level the field.
Emma Weston
CEO & Co Founder
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Emma’s executive agribusiness and prior founder experience enables her leadership of company strategy, investor relations and stakeholder engagement. Emma believes that a talented team drawing on diverse backgrounds but united by a passion for the problem, and a genuine admiration for our customers is at the core of building great products and enduring value. 

AgriDigital Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Bob McKay, whose renowned for his grains industry experience.
Bob McKay
Executive Chairman & Co Founder
Warren, NSW, Australia

Bob McKay is a well-known Australian grains industry and agribusiness innovator. He has designed and developed multiple commodity contracting and management systems and is inspired by how technology creates equitable access and opportunities for small to medium enterprise; particularly in the area of finance and data-driven analytics.

AgriDigital CoFounder Ben Reid, a sixth generation farmer whose family is based in Young New South Wales (NSW)
Ben Reid
Director & Co Founder
Young, NSW, Australia

Ben is a sixth generation farmer whose family’s mixed farming property uses regenerative agricultural principles to create a more profitable and carbon-friendly operation. A global grains industry expert with over 20 years of grain broking, logistics, storage and trading experience, Ben’s strong industry networks support company growth strategy.

Board & Advisors

Our team of world-class directors and advisors working to support AgriDigital grow the value of grain

Kerri Lee Sinclair
Tony Holt Squarepeg Head Shot
Tony Holt
Shared success


October 2015

AgriDigital founded

Emma, Bob and Ben set out on a mission to digitise and connect the grain supply chain.

June 2016

Blockchain takes flight

The first blockchain proof of concept comes to life with Fletcher International (grain sale and real time payment) and the team are rewarded with winning of Westpac Blockhack 2016.

November 2017

Rubber hits the road with the launch of AgriDigital Platform and finalisation of Series A!

March 2018

Early success recognised

AgriDigital took home AgFunder Most Innovative Startup, Finnies Awards for Excellence in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger, and GTR Ventures Tradetech Showcase Competition.

February 2019

Fast, flexible asset-backed finance is launched

March 2019

$1B worth of grain is transacted through AgriDigital

August 2020

AgriDigital Onfarm launches globally!

Our grain management solution for growers, allowing them to digitally track grain from paddock to payment launches.

November 2021

50M metric tonnes of grain is transacted through AgriDigital software

December 2021

We hit 10,000 active users!

March 2022

Momentum is boosted with the completion of Series A+ capital raise

August 2022

Our brand refresh is launched, with four new core values!

Further elevating our mission to digitise and connect the grain industry to strengthen relationships and help businesses grow with confidence. 

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