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Can I access AgriDigital Platform on my phone or tablet?

Yes you can, and there’s no need to download an app! Simply access your account via your chosen browser on your phone or tablet. AgriDigital Platform has been optimised for these smaller devices ensuring you get the visibility you need to, on the go. 

When will I receive payment for sold grain?

Payment terms are specified in your contract with each buyer. These will vary depending on the buyer and contract type. As soon as payment is made you will receive an email notification and can immediately view your RCTI and payment information. This email is only received once payment has been made. 

How do I gain access to AgriDigital?

If you deliver to a site or sell to a buyer using AgriDigital software, you will have an AgriDigital account, login here.

What devices can I access AgriDigital on?

Being cloud-based you will be able to access AgriDigital from your PC, laptop or tablet, anywhere with an internet connection. We recommend using a Google Chrome browser for our software.

Can I use AgriDigital for my reporting?

AgriDigital provides a large range of pre-built reports for your convenience. We also make it easy to export all your data in a csv file if you need to create a bespoke report.

What is the cost of a subscription?

Pricing is customized based on trade volumes, specific data requirements and additional support needs. Get in touch with our sales team today for further information.

Can I see what storage sites use AgriDigital?

You sure can. Head over to our AgriDigital Knowledgebase via this link to see a list of storage facilties currently using AgriDigital.

Does AgriDigital integrate with other software applications?

Yes we do. Our primary integrations are Xero, National Grower Register (NGR) and an integration with your weighbridge.

Who in my team can use AgriDigital?

Anyone! You can choose who will get the most value out of AgriDigital, from weighbridge operators to accountants.

What sites are eligible for Finance?

Sites eligible for finance include all major bulk handlers, plus a number of private sites across the AgriDigital Store network. Bulk handlers include; CBH, Emerald, Graincorp, GrainFlow (Cargill) and Viterra. Private Sites include; Boort Grain Co-Op, Boolah Farms, G.J & J.A Sheel, McNaught’s Storage, Universal Commodity Management and XLD. Do you own a site and would like to provide Finance at? Get in touch today.

What commodities are eligible for Finance?

We partner with Digital Commodity Finance and can provide finance for wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, cottonseed, cotton, oats, chickpeas, faba beans, fertilizer and wool.

Does it work without service/reception?

Of course! As farmers ourselves, we understand that reception in rural areas can be patchy at best, so our mobile app has an offline first approach, syncing when you are back in service.

Is my data secure?

We take your data privacy seriously and partner with trusted organisations Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to utilise the best standards in data storage and security. You can read our privacy policy here.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, AgriDigital Onfarm can be accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. We recommend using a desktop for set up. Get started now!

Is there local support?

Only the best! Our customer success team is dedicated to ensuring you are getting the most out of AgriDigital and continuously updating our easy to access Knowledgebase which has easy to follow instructions and guides.

Can my team use it?

There is unlimited team member access. We know the nature of your business means you’ll have seasonal workers come and go. So, we don’t restrict the amount of users in your account to ensure everyone can access the information they need to do their job with confidence.

What commodities can I record?

AgriDigital Onfarm is purpose-built for the grains industry, however more than 64 commodities are being recorded in our app, from wheat to firewood!

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