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Tremlett Storage - a trusted family farm and private grain storage operator

"I could see that over the next 3-5 years if we kept our old systems, we would get left behind, but now, with AgriDigital we will continue to save our customers time and bring them a unique offering...and continue to build a resilient and efficient business." Andrew Tremlett

Before AgriDigital, Tremlett Storage was using spreadsheets and paper-based tickets to keep track of clients records. Andrew Tremlett describes this system as "working fine, but fairly time-consuming."

After years of looking for a solution that could enhance grower and buyer customer experience, as well as save time internally, Andrew decided on AgriDigital because of its multi-user platform approach.  As Andrew describes, "what attracted me to AgriDigital was the grower portal, where the growers can see their deliveries on their own, without me having to log in and tell them.  There was no other program on the market that could do that."

Download the case study to read more about Tremlett Storage and AgriDigital.

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