Tremlett Storage

By Emma Williams
1 Jan
Shea-Oak Log, SA, Australia
Andrew Tremlett
Site Operator

A Trusted Family Farm and Private Grain Storage Operator

Andrew Tremlett is a 4th generation farmer in Sheaoak Log, South Australia where he runs a private grain storage operation. John Tremlett, Andrew’s father, began the business 30 years ago. Today, Tremlett Storage receives 60,000 tonnes of grain per year from local farmers within a 250 km radius.

The Decision to Use AgriDigital

Before AgriDigital, Tremlett Storage was using homemade spreadsheets and paper-based tickets to keep track of clients and records.

Andrew Tremlett describes this system as, “working fine, but fairly time consuming”. Andrew recognized that as Tremlett Storage was growing, so too was their need for a digital system that could provide themselves and their customers with quick and easy access to timely information.

After years of looking for a solution that could enhance grower and buyer customer experience as well as save time internally, Andrew decided on AgriDigital because of its multi-user platform approach.

As Andrew describes, “what attracted me to AgriDigital was the grower portal, where the growers can see their deliveries on their own, without me having to log in and tell them. There was no other program on the market that could do that.”

The Result

With AgriDigital, Tremlett Storage has been able to save time and reduce errors, as well as provide an enhanced customer experience for the farmer and grain trader customers.

“We were using manual weighbridge tickets and needed a whole separate data entry process to convert from manual to electronic information,”

Andrew describes, “but now this step is gone, and so is the chance of error. It also saves me a lot of time, so I can do other things for the business”

Tremlett Storage also uses AgriDigital to give their customers access to timely information. Farmer customers now know how many tonnes of grain they have at each grade, so they can make marketing decisions on the go.

“Overwhelmingly our farmer customers have responded positively- AgriDigital is an improvement over what we had,” says Andrew.

Buyer customers can view stocks at any time online, and make transfers without the need for manual intervention by Tremlett Storage.

By removing manual processes, AgriDigital helps Tremlett Storage give their customers an extra level of confidence and security. The onboarding process for Tremlett Storage was also a positive experience due to the attentive support of the AgriDigital team.

“To AgriDigital’s credit, they’ve been great at putting fixes in place when necessary so that the system will do what it needs to. They always follow up and help with any queries we have, and they are taking on board our suggestions for improvements that we’ll have in place before this harvest.”

The Impact

AgriDigital has helped Tremlett Storage to bring a new level of robustness and efficiency to the business. According to Andrew, “we now have a level of comfort that if something happens to me, other people can view and use the data without a problem.”

AgriDigital is also helping to future proof Tremlett Storage for the evolving needs of their customers and the industry.

“I could see that over the next 3-5 years if we kept our old systems, we would get left behind; but now, with AgriDigital and the new features they’re adding like pricing notifications and fully automated transfer of tickets from grower to buyer, we will continue to save our customers time and bring them a unique offering.”

The Future

AgriDigital continues to add new features to their end-to-end commodity management solutions to support family businesses like Tremlett Storage and their customers, as well as other industry leaders across the grains supply chain.

AgriDigital is committed to simplifying commodity management, revolutionising supply chain finance, and bringing transparency, trust, and traceability to the agribusiness industry in Australia.

Emma Williams
Marketing Manager

This feature was written by our Marketing Manager, Emma Williams. Emma is based in Sydney, but enjoys heading back to the family farm in Tamworth, NSW whenever possible.