November AgriDigital Network Harvest Update

5 Dec
Weather impaired logistics, input costs and macro uncertainties have been the key talking points for the grains industry through November.
Farmers fortunate enough to be getting a clean swing at their crops have received historically high ex-farm values and yields for cereals and canola.

Market dynamics are normally common knowledge, within the AgriDigital network there are some telling insights:  

Grower deliveries into the platform
  • 80% grower deliveries remaining unsold as growers weigh up their marketing options
  • Only 10% sold onto cash contracts
Delivery quantity, by type
On farm quality metrics out of the >200kmt delivered;
Quality of total delivered
Pace of deliveries into the AgriDigital network was overall surprising given the amount of moisture related delays.

Over 750kmt of delivered tonnes were recorded throughout November. 

  • First week of November averaged 114 deliveries/day into AgriDigital Platform, last week saw 549/day.
  • Still 11,000 deliveries or 55% less than the same week period last year

We will continue to bring you insights from AgriDigital Platform as the season progresses.