Tim Whiteley, Mixed Farming Operator, Warren NSW : Realities as we head into harvest 2022/23

By Emma Weston
25 Oct
Kicking off season two of Harvestable, AgriDigital Co Founder and CEO Emma Weston is joined by Tim Whiteley from a family mixed farming operation in Warren NSW.

Losing sight of what normal even means, Tim provides a retrospective account on the 2021/22 harvest, where prices were phenomenal but the logistics anything but. Between global geopolitical uncertainty and unprecedented weather conditions, the upcoming harvest is looking not too dissimilar.

Resonating with us all, Tim shares the goal this year is to just get the crop off. Join us weekly for raw and unscripted fireside chats with agricultures most insightful minds in the lead up to, and over harvest.

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Emma Weston
CEO & Co-Founder