Beyond Harvest: How AgriDigital's Platform Enables Continuous Grain Movement

By Emma Williams
13 Mar

For us and our customers, the busiest period is harvest, often time boxed from October to January. However, as we move into March our platform activity is down just 14% on its December peak. This slight plateau is not just an indicator of the long harvest we’ve experienced but also a reminder of the continuity of the supply chain and movement of grain from farm to storage to buyer and end consumer. 

One of the key features of the AgriDigital Platform is the ability for grain buyers to simplify and streamline their payment process along the supply chain. Our customers can initiate ‘one-click’ payment runs making it easier to pay growers in a timely and accurate manner. 

Our software also integrates with Xero, allowing users to link their accounting systems and prevent double handling of invoicing activities. 

Streamlining the connection of grain supply chain participants, our customers appreciate the ability to send automatic invoice notifications to payees. This feature helps eliminate manual errors, reduces the time it takes to process invoices, and improves cash flow management for all parties involved.

Despite a record amount of grain remaining in warehouse, yet to be sold, in the month of February almost 800 farming enterprises were paid via AgriDigital Platform, averaging $90k per payment.  

We’re in the business of connecting grain supply chain participants with a comprehensive solution that provides real-time visibility, simplifies payment processes and enables profitable and efficient business operations.

Emma Williams
Marketing Manager

This feature was written by our Marketing Manager, Emma Williams. Emma is based in Sydney, but enjoys heading back to the family farm in Tamworth, NSW whenever possible.

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