3 Reasons AgriDigital Onfarm is Better than a Spreadsheet

By Emma Williams
2 Mar

AgriDigital Onfarm is built by farmers, for farmers.

We are on a mission to give you the visibility you need to get more value from your grain. We do this by enabling you with better record keeping that is secure, available on and offline, and connects your field, storage and office in the palm of your hand.

Here are the top three reasons it's time to upgrade your  spreadsheets and achieve your farm goals with AgriDigital Onfarm.

1. The whole team can contribute

The more complex your spreadsheet is, the harder it is to provide the visibility your team requires. Not to mention, often only one person is able to add to a spreadsheet and analyze the data at a time, leading to multiple versions.

With AgriDigital Onfarm you can;

  • Create and organize all your grain records in one place
  • Set permission levels so your team can contribute in real time
  • Prevent multiple versions of the same records & unnecessary rework
  • Have confidence you have the most up to date data from the team
2. Access your records wherever you are

Whether you’re in the header at harvest time, enjoying a coastal holiday, or in the paddock when your broker calls, with AgriDigital Onfarm you will always know;

  • Exactly what you’ve got left to sell
  • How much stock you’ve got on hand
  • The status of all your contracts

Our cloud-based app enables you to make informed decisions on the go and maximise the value of your grain.

3. AgriDigital Onfarm is dynamic and fit for purpose, spreadsheets are not

AgriDigital Onfarm is digitizing grain record keeping, with solutions for your problems.

It is designed to make your job easier. Our delivery form allows you to simply click the desired information you need e.g. farm, paddock, contract, silo, truck rego etc.

This means you won’t get tripped up by typing errors or repetitive information that can be simply pre-filled with AgriDigital Onfarm in real time.

More than 1 million tonnes of grain records have been made with AgriDigital Onfarm.

Get started for free today.

Emma Williams
Marketing Manager

This feature was written by our Marketing Manager, Emma Williams. Emma is based in Sydney, but enjoys heading back to the family farm in Tamworth, NSW whenever possible.