Shared Credentials vs. Unique Credentials: Why the Latter is Critical for Your Team

By Emma Williams
27 Feb

At AgriDigital, we have an appreciation for the scale and dynamic environment that our software users work in. The seasonal nature of the grain supply chain workforce adds to importance of following best practice when it comes to software account access. Each user will have their own set of responsibilities and tasks, and their username and password should also be unique.

Here are the top reasons we advocate and promote unique login credentials to AgriDigital Platform; 

  1. Security: Sharing login credentials can compromise the security of sensitive data and information. information. Users can be created with different permission types, reflective of their role and responsibilities. 
  2. Accountability: By using unique login credentials, it becomes easier to track and monitor the activities of each user, ensuring accountability and avoiding any confusion regarding who made what changes.
  3. Compliance: Some corporations may have regulations that require unique user login credentials for software systems to maintain compliance with security and privacy standards.
  4. Convenience: Having unique login credentials can streamline the login process and allow each user to personalise their experience with the software.

So that's why we offer unlimited user access to our AgriDigital Platform customers - we want to make it easy for you to manage your team members and keep everything running smoothly. If you need help creating or managing your team, check out our Knowledge Base for more info.

Emma Williams
Marketing Manager

This feature was written by our Marketing Manager, Emma Williams. Emma is based in Sydney, but enjoys heading back to the family farm in Tamworth, NSW whenever possible.

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