Campbell Roydhouse, Founder of Ceres Alpha: Macro view on the grains market, focusing in on Ukraine & Russia

By Henry Walsh
3 Nov
AgriDigital Head of Finance Henry Walsh is joined by Campbell Roydhouse, Founder of Ceres Alpha in the second episode of Harvestable season two.

A subject matter expert, Campbell has been working in agricultural markets for over two decades, with various roles at companies including Louis Dreyfus, Goldman Sachs and AWB.

In this chat, he dives into the significant impact on the flow of commodities particularly wheat since the Ukrainian war started in March, and implications for the global market. Henry and Campbell discuss the complexities of fragmented and untrustworthy communication and what this has meant for market dynamics.

Looking ahead, beyond the logistics of closed freight corridors, Campbell sees the bigger impact being the loss of acreage and labour shortages in Ukraine creating instability in the global wheat balance sheet.

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Henry Walsh
Head of Finance

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