Grace Quast, Writer, Photographer & Farmer: Harvest in pictures

By Emma Weston
17 Nov

AgriDigital Co-Founder and CEO Emma Weston is joined by Grace Quast a writer, photographer, and farmer alongside her husband David on their property Domang Farm, in Crooble, NSW.

With harvest underway, we check in to chat about their mixed cropping enterprise which has inspired her creative pursuits and incredible visual diary of life on the land.

Describing their full profile of black self-mulching soil as like running your finger along the top of a warm brownie, Grace shares that farming will always come first, especially in logistically challenging harvests like this year.

A passion that started organically, using the farm as the perfect backdrop to learn the art of photography, Grace encourages getting started on your iPhone and not overthinking the process.

An unintended positive outcome of authentically sharing their reality on Instagram, Grace and David have been able to attract great staff who've felt connected and comfortable before even stepping foot on Domang Farm.

If you haven't already, we recommend you indulge yourself and explore some of Grace's work via Domang Farm and her personal Instagram account.

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Emma Weston
CEO & Co-Founder