AgriDigital: Bigger and Better in 2018

By Emma Weston
12 Jan

We’ve got big plans for 2018: from innovation in IoT, powerful feature releases, and continued work in the blockchain space.

Global Grains

Of significant focus in 2018 are our plans to globalise the AgriDigital commodity management platform. While we continue to improve and build on our experience and knowledge for our Australian customers, we look to expand beyond our sandy shores to North America, namely the Canadian market. With a soft launch planned in late 2018, this is an exciting time for AgriDigital and we look forward to playing our part in improving agri supply chains around the world.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

AgriDigital continues to explore further technology integrations with the platform to provide our users with the most valuable information and experience possible. In 2018, we are working on implementing new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to continue to provide accurate, live data to our customers on exactly where their commodities are at any given time.

IoT technologies are becoming commonplace on many farms in Australia including soil and quality sensors, crop monitors, and smart logistics and warehousing to provide superior on-farm visibility. AgriDigital is continuing to streamline operations and integrate with smart farming solutions to maintain commodity data throughout the supply chain.

Building our Blockchain

This year, we are continuing our work in the blockchain space; generating digital title, managing supply chain traceability, and enabling inventory finance and real-time payments.

Off the back of a number of successful pilots and proofs of concepts in 2017, this year we will be building our commercial blockchain protocol layer. Our vision is to provide a full blockchain solution that eliminates counterparty risk, increases payment security for farmers, improves supply chain liquidity and provides paddock to plate transparency.

Powerful Platform Features

Building on our customer feedback in 2017, we are constantly developing our platform to make it more intuitive and efficient, making life easier for all participants along the grain supply chain. Through feature customisation, we are working to provide AgriDigital users with both control and flexibility within the platform, putting the power in the hands of the user.

More Information

Let us know if you think AgriDigital can help you achieve your goals for 2018. For more information on the AgriDigital platform, check out our website or send us an email.

Emma Weston
CEO & Co-Founder

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