3 Reasons You Need to Invest in On-Farm Storage Today

By Allied Grain Systems
1 Dec

Why are more and more farmers turning to on-farm grain storage instead of commercial?

Among benefits including having more control during market and increasing harvest efficiencies, on-farm storage provides farmers with a cost-effective way of storing grain, offers quality control to maintain optimum temperature, and guarantees pest control.

Together with Waypath you can have unprecedented visibility and control across your inventory, from harvest all the way through the marketing year. With Waypath you can connect your paddock, inventory and contract records all in one place - adding additional value to your on-farm storage.

Let’s take a dive into these top 3 key reasons of why you should invest in on-farm storage.

1. Cost Effective

Storing grain on-farm helps farmers overcome market challenges. The upfront cost of bins is repaid over time by offsetting third party storage costs and transport. Add the flexibility of multiple marketing options for your grain and value adding opportunities like blending, and you have a really attractive return on investment.

It’s well known that harvest time is not the best time to sell grain. By storing it on-farm it allows farmers to store their surplus until the market is more profitable for selling, in turn providing a more stabilised income.

It also eliminates the high price of freight costs at harvest time – without having to transport the grain instantly, farmers can wait for more reasonable prices to move it.

2. Greater Harvest Flexibility

Aerating grain preserves grain quality by creating consistent, optimal conditions in silo storage. As chemical control options become increasingly restricted, more operators are turning to aeration systems to manage pest and disease pressures, as well as preserving grain quality for maximum market value.

Leading grain storage provider, Allied Grain Systems has exclusive access to cutting-edge technology in aeration floors, designed to be integrated into silos.

3. Strong Pest Control

Fumigating grain is widely recognised as a crucial process to preserving grain quality and integrity. To be truly effective, silos require a robust and gas-tight seal.

Silos built to the Australian Standard 2628 are able to hold phosphine gas and other fumigants to kill insects at all life stages.

Developed in-house, Allied Grain Systems’ silo sealing system has been independently recognised as being one of the best performing in Australia and built to the AS2628 standard.

They are market leaders in this field, following a philosophy of building cost-effective grain storage and handling systems that suit specific requirements, will last, and take into consideration future needs to remain cost-effective to run and maintain, all without compromising quality.

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