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Trade with confidence and customer focus; always be harvest ready.

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Know your real position

Understand your true inventory position and open contracts in real time to manage trading risk.

Make better decisions

Use key transaction data points including live grain volumes and quality information, to improve business insights and make faster, better decisions.

Improve customer experiences

Share the same data as your customers and update contracts and deliveries in real time. Plus, allow your customers to manage inventory, transfer ownership and see all their AgriDigital transactions in one place.

Always be harvest ready

Ditch pre-harvest manual updates of all the data you need to manage contracts and deliveries including levies, deductions and location differentials. AgriDigital updates data automatically which means you are always harvest ready.

Pay farmers faster

Generate farmer payments with the click of a button and compile deliveries due for payment onto one easy to read invoice (RCTI) to be sent to each farmer on the payment due date.

Why AgriDigital


View graphical, historic and future invoice cashflow by week, upcoming deliveries and all your open contracts and inventory to calculate M2M.


Create and customise your own automated contract and payment terms for each farmer, seller and buyer.


Create and receive all your deliveries onto contracts, orders, and inventory positions with real time valuations and live position updates.


Create customisable views of all your inventory with historical movement data for each location, and automatic calculations of an FIS Adjustable Price for identifying the exact value of grain at each location.


Create, receive and distribute order requests to facilitate all of your logical requirements be it road, rail, shipping or stock swaps.


Manage the agri-commodity import and export process from end to end with automated data flows onto customisable documents required for your business.


Upload your cash bids on AgriDigital's platform and when there’s a delivery against the cash price you will be updated immediately so you know how much grain you’re buying in real time.


Generate, view and manage all your farmer (RCTI) and sales tax invoices with clear breakdowns of any deductions and the final payable amount.


Generate commodity payments with the click of a button, with file formats that allow you to simply upload and process them via your bank’s online payments platform.


Centrally manage the contact and payment details of all the companies and farmers you do business with as well as record notes in a digital 'day-book'.

How AgriDigital transformed

Itochu Australia

"In a trading environment, where margins are so thin, AgriDigital enables us to be running as lean as possible. AgriDigital is far ahead of everything else in allowing us to do this."

Jackson Morris
Commodity Trader

Itochu Australia

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