AgriDigital for Grain Storage Operators

Improve the efficiency of your storage operations from receival to outturn.

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De-risk and streamline

Reduce manual data entry and automate key processes and communications for outturn and receivable deliveries, including warehouse, cash, contract, order and inventory.

Improve profitability

Save time and overheads by replacing manual systems with automation to eliminate errors and rework.

Improve customer experiences

Share the same data as your customers and update contracts and deliveries in real time. Plus, allow your customers to manage inventory, transfer ownership and see all their transactions through their own account.

Invest for the future

Stay competitive without being burdened by outdated legacy software, with AgriDigital’s cloud-based commodity management platform.

Why AgriDigital


Access live charts and table reporting of key storage data points, for quick decision making and business insight.


Create receival and outturn deliveries into warehouse, contracts and orders, with weighbridge, quality testing equipment, and card reader integrations.


Manage inventory balances and stack average qualities at a bin segregation level live, as well as report real time ownership.


Receive and process customer delivery order requests, and create and manage bin to bin inventory movements.


Notify buyers of their purchases in real time and post live cash prices at your sites with seamless delivery directly onto these prices by farmers.

How AgriDigital transformed

Fletcher International Exports

"We never want to see another IT guy in here who doesn't understand the industry and our business. Things are changing fast and we're excited to have AgriDigital as our technology partner for the future."

Roger Fletcher

Fletcher International Exports

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