AgriDigital for Farmers

Get more control over your grain at harvest with all your transactions in one place.

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Automate and validate contracts

Automate your contracting with traders and storage operators to streamline the sale of your grain for better prices.

Get real time notifications

Manage your payment terms and receive live notifications about quantity and quality of deliveries as well as payments, invoices (RCTIs), via SMS or email.

Centrally manage your storage

Manage inventory, transfer ownership and see all your AgriDigital transactions in one place, whether you deliver to 5 sites or 50.

Why AgriDigital


Eliminate filing and lost paperwork with digital sales contracts and real time access to keep track of all contract quantities and status to minimise the risk of default and maximise your results.


Track loads and better manage harvest with live access to your delivery details and a single reference for your delivery locations and quantities.


Receive invoices (RCTIs) instantly, and simplify tax, BAS, and financial reporting with digital sales and payments reports and automatic levy and end-point royalty collections and payments.


Stay informed while on the farm with live SMS notifications of deliveries and email notifications of contracts and invoices.


Make faster marketing decisions on the go with live dashboarding of deliveries, contracts and payments as well as data export for further analysis when needed.

How AgriDigital transformed

Tremlett Storage

"What attracted me to AgriDigital was the grower portal, where growers can see their deliveries on their own, without me having to login and tell them. There was no other program on the market that could do that."

Andrew Tremlett
General Manager

Tremlett Storage

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