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Sullivan Family Ag - a large farming group with significant on-farm storage in north east Arkansas, United States

"Working with Waypath has given us an unprecedented level of granularity. It’s really changed the way we operate, how we make decisions and how we communicate with our stakeholders. We’re really looking forward to working with Waypath for next harvest and beyond." Mike Sullivan

Spanning almost 20,000 acres, Sullivan Family Ag is a large farming group with significant on-farm storage in north east Arkansas, United States. Heading up the operation is Mike Sullivan, who along with his team of 30, produces over 1.5 million bushels of rice, 500,000 bushels of corn and 500,000 bushels of soybeans annually.

Mike works closely with Ryan Moore, an agricultural data consultant based in Little Rock, Arkansas, who manages the Sullivan Family Ag data centre.

Mike Sullivan (left) has been farming for 37 years. His son. Ryan is the fifth generation to join the family farm

Problem: As a farmer, how can I digitize my grain operations from the field all the way through to payment, with access to real time data for my whole team?

Solution: Mike Sullivan of Sullivan Family Ag chose Waypath to be sure he and his team could access their grain data from anywhere at any time. Waypath is enabling the commitment Sullivan Family Ag has made to digitizing their farm and business operations. With Waypath Mike and his team can now:

* Manage their harvest activities in the field with the Waypath mobile app

* Track grain loads from field to sale and payment

* Save time, reduce duplication and minimize errors

* Calculate field profitability

* Make informed decisions on the go, backed by real time data

* Create reports for multiple users, including landlords

* Plan confidently for future seasons.

Download the case study to read more about Sullivan Family Ag and AgriDigital.

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