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Excel Farms, Mininera (South West Victoria)

One of the biggest challenges for Nick Paterson, General Manager at Excel Farms has been tracking their grain inventory - determining what is on farm, what has been sold, what is left to sell, and what is remaining on contracts.

“At one point, we could manage it on a spreadsheet,” said Nick, ‘but as we grew we realised we need to get more sophisticated.”  

Nick implemented Waypath, AgriDigital’s grain management software in 2020 and they now rely on the platform for: Farm record keeping, Reconciling individual loads, Capturing paddock data including yield per field.

With the operation spanning 400km of property, Waypath’s real time (or live) data syncs across the platform are crucial to Excel Farms operations as it means everyone is working with the same, up to date data, despite being in different locations. “Now, as soon as the grain has left the paddock, we can work out exactly how many tonnes have come off.”

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