Building a blockchain for agri-supply chains

AgriDigital is building the trusted and efficient agri-supply chains of the future where all participants can operate with full confidence. Blockchain is part of the future of secure agri-supply chains. Through digital title we provide payment security and transparency for all participants, we prove product integrity and move from the disconnected and siloed supply chains of today to the value chains of tomorrow.

Pilot Report - Solving for supply chain inefficiencies and risks with blockchain in agriculture

The results of our recent blockchain pilot are now available. The pilot ran in conjunction with CBH Group, at their oat processing facility, Blue Lake Milling, in Bordertown, South Australia. The pilot aimed to test out ways blockchain may deliver increased efficiencies and solve for existing risks across supply chains in the grains industry. We ran four different scenarios as part of the pilot, focusing on the creation of digital title and providing supply chain traceability.

The pilot is a first for the agricultural industry, taking the next step in building streamlined and secure efficient supply chains. AgriDigital’s vision is to eliminate counterparty risk, realise payment security for farmers and to enable true visibility over food and fibres paddock to plate transparency, and we are dedicated to building robust and integrated blockchain solutions to achieve this.

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