At AgriDigital we are constantly growing our platform, adding new features to continue making our customers’ lives better and help them do what they do best. When we last updated our terms and conditions, AgriDigital was a fairly new platform and still under rapid change. With all the exciting features we have released since then, as well as those upcoming, we needed to make some changes to our terms of use.

So, how will this affect you?

1. Added ability for AgriDigital Platform to facilitate contract acceptance

This is a forward facing addition that will enable the AgriDigital Platform to facilitate contract and data acceptance in certain circumstances where customers require this feature. You’ll hear more about the specifics of this feature as it’s developed.


2. Updated notification details and sharing

We’re constantly improving and providing more controls and visibility over notifications of activity in your account as well as with your customers. This update allows for this, along with  future features we have in the development pipeline allowing customers to view document history and activity.


3. Clarification on dispute resolution mechanisms available to you

As AgriDigital develops more sophisticated contracting features we thought it was important to clarify the distinction between AgriDigital and the existing industry bodies’ (e.g. Grain Trade Australia) role in any trade disputes that may arise from time to time.


4. Added coverage to support integrations with third party software and plug-in services

We believe allowing our customers the ability to extract and integrate their data with other services is critical to operating an efficient business. We’re committed to exploring a wide range of integration opportunities and this amendment allows for these to occur.

5. Clarification of each parties’ obligations in regard to data accuracy

With the volume and breadth of data being entered into the AgriDigital platform by our customers, as well as our customers sharing this data with their suppliers and counterparties, this update aims to clarify the responsibility of data accuracy.


6. Clarification of AgriDigital’s obligation to report data incidents under Privacy Laws

Our customers data security is critical to us and we believe that we have obligations to effectively communicate with customers in the unlikely event that there is a breach with AgriDigital Platform or it’s third party service providers. Similarly if any of our customers are aware of any issues, it’s important they let us know.


7. Clarification of the circumstances in which you provide consent for the sharing of your data to third parties for purposes related to our provision of the AgriDigital Platform

As the AgriDigital Platform community grows and data sharing increases, it’s important we continue to evolve and provide clarity around the terms under which data is shared by the platform.


8. Clarification on AgriDigital’s limitation of liability

We’ve had a number of customers ask us to clarify the purpose of clause 22 - limitation of liability. We have added this update to make the purpose of this clause clearer.


9. Updated acceptance process for End Point Royalty collection

Previously, customers needed to enter into a side agreement with us if you wanted to appoint AgriDigital to act as your agent for the collection of EPRs. Well we’ve streamlined things, and AgriDigital can now collect and remit EPRs for you without any additional paperwork.


If you’d like to know more, make sure you check out the latest End User Licence Agreement, because if you continue to use AgriDigital from 1 October 2018, we’ll assume you’ve read and agreed to them.

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