Bulk edit Delivery Payment due dates within the Delivery Payments section of the Payments feature. Efficiently update multiple deliveries, leaving comments to easily track reasons for change.

Take a look at the process below, and for more details see the Knowledge Base article at the bottom of this post.

Payments Tooltips:

Tooltips have been implemented on the Delivery Payments screen to provide useful hints as to why you may be unable to select specific deliveries. A few examples are outlined below:

  • ‘Please select a bulk action to enable’ - To start the process of bulk editing due dates, select the new ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down menu and hit ‘Bulk edit due dates’
  • ‘Select deliveries to edit delivery due date’ - To be able to edit due dates, a least one delivery must be selected.
  • ‘You’re unable to edit this delivery as its status is Paid’ - Any Paid deliveries cannot have its due date updated.
  • ‘You’re unable to edit this delivery as its status is Invoiced’ - Any Invoiced delivery cannot have its due date updated. To be able to edit this delivery you must first cancel the associated Invoice.
  • ‘You’re unable to edit this delivery as the contract was created by _________’ - You must be the creator of the associated Contract to be able to update the delivery payment due date.
  • ‘Select the primary grower’s delivery to edit all related partnership deliveries’ - The primary grower’s delivery must be selected and then all associated deliveries will be updated respectively.

For more details on the updated process take a look at the Knowledge Base article below.   

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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