At AgriDigital we value data integrity. We have implemented an update to the Organization creation process within the platform. This enhancement includes the following functionality:

  • The protection of data integrity in the AgriDigital network. When searching Organizations, results are not shown until 3 characters have been entered, anonymising Organizations as part of the wider AgriDigital database. In addition, when selecting a buyer or supplier directly from the Contract or Delivery forms you will only see the Organizations you currently have a relationship with, not the entire AgriDigital database. 

  • Prevention of duplicate company entry into the AgriDigital network. The updated search method prevents duplicate account creation, ensuring counterparty documentation is kept in one account. As shown below, users must now search Organisations first before entering any other company details into the platform. This determines if an Organisation is already in the database and if you already have a relationship with them in Connections.
Example: Creating a New Organisation

For more details on how this platform feature works, check out the Knowledge Base article below!

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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