We have enhanced your Notifications feature! 

This function is located in Settings > Account > Notifications, allowing you to create email alerts for you and your team members. Custom notifications can be created so that the correct people on your team are notified efficiently on the information that is important to them. 

We are excited to provide this feature for all Transaction and Storage features across the platform to ensure your team is kept in the loop.

New feature types available include: 

  • Transactions Contracts 
  • Transactions Orders 
  • Transactions Prices 
  • Transactions Payments 
  • Storage Deliveries 
  • Storage Orders 
  • Storage Prices 

Updated trigger events:  

  • Created: This replaces the ‘Received’ trigger event. This refers to when a new document is created, saved and is viewable in your account. 
  • Edited: This refers to any time a document is ‘edited’ and re-saved.   
  • Cancelled: This refers to notifications sent when a document you are counterparty to has been cancelled.  

How to create a new Notification: 

For more information on how to create notifications, take a look at our knowledge base article here 

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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