Welcome to your NEW Storage Inventory Details Screen! 

You can now view every movement in and out of a specific inventory location or bin, providing clear traceability of stock. The dashboard not only allows you to view the current inventory balance as a % of total capacity but also shows you quality history over time at the particular site.

Navigate to the new dashboards by clicking any of your Storage Inventory positions.

Find some more details on these dashboard features below:

1. Inventory Movements

This section shows a list of the inventory movements in and out of the stack, showing the most recent at the top. This report clearly displays any inflows and outflows in quantity and quality through the green and red arrows, as well as being easily exportable!

Storage > Inventory > Dashboard

2. Quality History

The Quality History section displays your quality measurements applicable to the commodity in question E.g. Wheat shows protein, moisture, test weight, screening, vitreous trends. A visual representation of these specific quality trends are shown using sparklines (example below).

Note: The sparkline includes onto data displayed on the screen, select “load more results” to includes more movements in the metrics.

Quality History Example

3. Inventory Details

The gauge chart below shows you the current stock of the bin as a % of the total location capacity, providing clear oversight of the site utilisation.

Inventory Details Example

For more details on how to use this feature you can refer to the knowledge base resources below.

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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