We have updated our Payments feature to provide a full range of tools and information from a single convenient location.

The Payment feature now has the three distinct sections, shown in the tabs across the top of your screen: Payment Files, Delivery Payment, and Payment Deductions. Keep reading to find out how these features can help you with your Payment processes.   

1. Payment Files

You will recognise the Payment Files section as the location of all your RCTIs and Tax Invoices generated within AgriDigital. Here you complete Payment tasks including:  

  • Generating new payments
  • Processing payments to update their status from unpaid to paid  
  • Cancelling payments
  • Scheduling payments with future due dates

For more details on how to efficiently manage your payments in AgriDigital check out our Knowledge Base article.

2. Delivery Payments

This new section combines two Accounting Dashboard reports, ‘Deliveries due for payment’ and ‘Post payment report’. This feature ensures full visibility and management over your deliveries due for payment. A few key features of this section include:    

  • View a report of your deliveries payments, which are ordered by due date (new to old), for effortless reporting.  
  • Use the new delivery payment due date bulk editor to save time and effort when updating multiple deliveries. Simply select the deliveries you wish to update using the tick box and click “edit due date”, nominating a new due date as shown below.
‍Bulk Editing of payment due dates
  • Easily export a report of your delivery payment details, containing additional information to what is displayed on your platform screen. These additional fieldsinclude, Delivery transfer date, Delivery quantity, Contract details, Quality details and Delivery adjusted price, ratesandvalues.

3. Payment Deductions

This new report combines previously used Dashboard reports “Post Payment Deductions report” and “Levies report” in an easy to use format. Some key features of this section include:

  • View all payment deductions that have been made against your deliveries, including levies and royalties.  
  • Easily export a report of the entire Payment Deduction data set

The reports previously found in the Transactions Accounting Dashboard highlighted below are now found in the new Payments feature as described above.

‍Transaction Accounting Dashboard reports
‍NEW Payment feature sections

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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