The Transactions Dashboard has now been condensed into three tabs; Trading, Reports and Accounting Integration, the original Positions information is now in the Trading tab. You will also find four new reports;

  1. Organizations Report: your connections now have organization ID's shown in this report along with all other relevant information to the organization including legal name, ABN or NGR, address, credit limits and notes.
  2. Credit Limit Report: allows you to see your credit exposure with your counterparties all in one place. Go to Connections > Organization and open the profile of your connection if you wish to set a credit limit with them. Unpaid deliveries, undelivered contracts and undelivered orders with this counterparty will then be calculated automatically.
  3. P & L Report: displays all the relevant and available information within AgriDigital to assist you in calculating your P&L per delivery. The report shows sales deliveries that are connected to an order and calculates the net trading profit/loss.
  4. Expense Accrual Report: this report shows the expenses incurred on a delivery based on the information available in AgriDigital. The report is broken down per line item including freight rates, brokerage, site receival and outturns fees.

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