The Share Invoices feature allows you to re-send Invoices to your counterparty OR select additional recipients to send an Invoice email notification. 

Send an email with the Invoice link to any team member linked to the counterparty company (this is set up in Connections), not just the Contract counterparty. This gives you the control to efficiently communicate to your customers the documentation they need, when they need it.

Example: select one or more recipient to receive the Invoice

To send your email notifications there’s a few steps to take first:

  1. Add your email recipient to Connections as they must be associated with the relevant counterparty Organization. See here for more details on how to add a New Organization.

  1. Select the Invoice you wish to send new notifications for

  1. ‍Click the ‘Share invoice’ button from the Options drop-down menu to add your recipients

  1. Select the recipients you wish to send the Invoice notification email and hit SEND


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