Introducing your new Storage Inventory Ownership Dashboard! Similar to your Inventory details screen, you now have a detailed view of who owns inventory at your sites and changes over time.

You can navigate to the new dashboard by clicking the ‘Ownership’ tab within Storage Inventory and selecting an individual position you wish to view in more detail.     

Example: Inventory Ownership Dashboard for AgriTrade Exports at Dubbo (APW2 2017/18)

The Ownership Dashboard is split up into three sections:  

1. Inventory Movements

This section shows the inventory movements that have changed your company ownership quantity for the particular site, grade and season you have selected. The delivery ins and outs are showed with green and red arrows respectively for a clear audit trail. Plus, the movement report is also easily exportable!

Inventory Movements; demonstrating inflows/outflows and export feature

2. Details

The gauge chart here gives a quick oversight of the current quantity (by location, grade and season) owned by the selected counterparty.

The quantity displayed is relative to the maximum and minimum quantity over the time period loaded on the screen. You can extend this time period by selected “load more” at the bottom of the Inventory Movements screen.  

Details gauge chart

 3. History

The chart in this section shows the quantity changes due to Inventory Movements over time at your site.

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Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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