This is a new feature to help streamline grower application process for the NSW drought transport subsidy. The feature introduces the ability to auto-generate freight disclosures on invoices in addition to a new RRA freight subsidy report built into the platform.  

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Freight rebate

On 30 July 2018, the NSW Government announced a $500 million NSW Emergency Drought Relief Package to help farmers manage the effects of the current drought, including $190 million for Drought Transport Subsidies.

Details of the NSW drought relief package are available at the NSW Rural Assistance Authority and at the Department of Primary Industries websites.


Applying for the rebate

To assist in the application for the rebate as a grower purchasing fodder from an AgriDigital subscriber, growers can now get in touch with the seller and request that they include a freight disclosure notice on sales tax invoices using the built-in automated feature within the platform.

NOTE: It’s important to let the seller know you will be claiming the rebate at the time you order the deliveries to ensure the disclosure is included on the invoice when it arrives.

Additionally, at any time you can request the seller to provide a copy of the supporting documentation for your application to fulfil the requirements set out by the NSW Government, in the form of the RRA Freight Subsidy Report.

How to setup auto-generated freight disclosures on invoices

To include the freight disclosure notice on sales tax invoices and RCTIs:

  1. Create a new order and select a contract on the order form.
  2. Tick the 'Include freight disclosure on invoice' checkbox.
  3. At the bottom of the field enter the freight distance and freight rate.
Creating an order that auto-generates the freight disclosure on invoices

Now, invoices that contain deliveries onto that order will include a freight disclosure notice on the invoice.


NOTE: For Contract to Contract order types, the freight disclosure notice can be controlled independently at the origin and destination ends of the order to the user control of the freight disclosure notice at a contract level.

What’s included in the freight disclosure on the invoice?

The freight disclosure on an invoice provides a summary of the freight movements that have been included in the invoice.


The following is an example freight disclosure: "Includes 375 km freight for 13 mt wheat from MGC Terminal to Berrybank at $4.51/km (ex GST) or $130.00/mt (ex GST)."

Freight disclosure on invoice

RRA Freight Subsidy Report

The Rural Assistance Authority (RRA) freight subsidy report is built into AgriDigital to assist in grower's applications for the Emergency Drought Relief Transport Subsidy. The report is useful in collating 'Attachment D - Transport to Fodder' as described on the RAA website, required with applications for the transport subsidy.


To access the report, navigate to Transaction Deliveries and select 'RRA Freight Subsidy Report' from the preset view menu.

Viewing and exporting the RRA Freight Subsidy Report

The report includes all Deliveries made onto Orders where freight disclosure has been selected. This is highly customisable, exportable and can be submitted to the NSW Government with the rebate application.

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