The Customised Reporting feature, available for Contracts, Deliveries and Orders, allows you to search, sort and filter your data effectively. For more details on how this feature works, see the Knowledge Base article here.

Filter your Contracts, Deliveries and Orders using the additional fields below!   


View the following fields against any contract:

  • Qty Ordered
  • Delivery Freight Accrual
  • Carry Frequency
  • Carry Amount (-/+)
  • Carry Start Date

NOTE: The field name for ‘Qty Remaining’ has been updated to ‘Qty Remaining (incl tol)’ to provide further clarity that tolerance is included in the calculation.


View the following fields against any Transaction Delivery:

  • Contract Type
  • Supplier Ref

View the following fields against any Storage Delivery:

  • Vehicle Overweight Amount
  • Supplier Ref

Orders (Transactions and Storage):

View the following field against any Order:

  • Qty Remaining (incl tol)

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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