Default days are over! Transactions Delivery Payments feature can now be customised to display the information important to you. Rearrange columns to fit your custom view and apply filters for fast and easy access to specific information. Read on to find out more about this new Payments functionality.

Customised View:


Using the filter function you can customise Delivery Payments by adding, hiding and rearranging columns on your report. Enhance the customisation by using filters to search for Deliveries or Orders with specific fields such as a commodity, season, date or quantity.

Plus, ‘Reset’ your filtered view at any time to return to the system default!

Example: Filtering Payments

Preset views:

All filters applied can be saved as a preset, for personal or organisational use. This means you can save a range of reports for all sections of your business, accessible anytime!

Example: Setting Presets

Edit or delete any of your preset views via the drop down shown below:

Search & Sort:  

Search functionality has improved to provide faster and more flexible filtering of data. The dynamic search delivers more accurate results, efficiently. The sort function provides more control over the Payments view.

Example: Searching


When exporting your preset view from Delivery Payments screen, only the selected data will be downloaded, allowing you to easily create personalised reports.

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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