This new functionality allows you to bulk upload multiple cash prices in a single upload file. You can also deactivate all of the active prices with the click of a single button, and set a maximum quantity limit for a particular cash price if you wish.

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Set quantity limit on cash price:

Using the create cash price functionality, you can now specify a cash price from the cash price form.

Example: Creating cash price with quantity limit

Deactivate All Cash prices:

Chances are, you would like to deactivate all of your active cash prices prior to uploading a new set of cash prices in bulk.

You can either deactivate cash prices one at a time using the existing ‘Deactivate’ buttons, or Deactivate all of the active cash prices by using the new ‘Deactivate all’ button (shown below).

Example: Deactivating cash prices

Bulk Upload Cash Prices:

You can now bulk upload cash prices to import multiple cash prices at the same time, in addition to creating them one at a time through the existing means.

To help make things easy, we have provided a template csv file for the bulk cash price uploader on the knowledge base here.

Bulk Uploading can be done through a few simple steps:

  1. Once you have a copy of the template, populate the csv with the cash price details you would like to post, including the season, location, location owner, grade, price, payment terms, payment scales and contract terms and conditions.
  2. Once you have processed the file (example shown below), you will receive an email notification letting you know if the upload was successful.
  3. After a successful file upload, your Cash Prices will appear in the Transactions Prices list, just like cash prices that you manually create one at a time.

Example: Bulk upload cash prices

Knowledge Base Resources

This feature has been added to our Knowledge Base. Check it out to learn more.

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