Automated remittances and reporting

AgriDigital's Remit module automatically calculates and collects deductions from commodity payments. Claimants are able to view rich and live data reporting of their collections. Remits collections include levies, royalties, storage and logistics fees, and much more.




Access live charts and table reporting of key Remit data points for quick decision making and business insight.


View individual and aggregated collection items such as forecast collections on a live basis, and access rich data reporting capabilities.


Value Collected


Deductions Made


Collection Claimants



The Remit service is paid for by the claimant on any payment deductions for which they are the beneficiary. Remit is priced based on the volume of transactions that have had a deduction calculated and collected on them. Remit is able to collect a vast range of fees including levies, royalties, stoarge fees, receival and outturn fees, freight and many more. Contact our team today to get a no obligation free quote about your fee collection.

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